Countries in the Sahel region experienced heavy seasonal rains that swept across the Sahel region between July and October 2003, causing serious flooding and landslides which led to the destruction of grain storehouses, homes, human lives and livestock....Magha village in the Wabane Sub-Division, Lebialem Division, South-West Province (Cameroon) was hit by a heavy rain storm from 19 to 20 July 2003. Floods and landslides came as a result of that rain, leaving 20 people dead and causing serious damage to property. About 567 families were rendered homeless, without food security as their harvest and livestock were carried away by water. In late August 2003, another rainstorm that lasted three days hit Magha and the surrounding localities in the North-West Province, causing loss of lives, livestock and crops. The torrential rains caused flooding and a landslide claiming 20 lives, damaging a lot of property and leaving about 1,000 people homeless.

The Red Cross national societies in the affected countries began providing assistance to the most affected families with their own funds before five out of the six countries in the appeal received a DREF of 25,000 CHF per country. Cameroon benefited from a donation from Japan.