Assemblies and Committees

Decisions made by the General Assembly are turned into actual plans by the Board, which has responsibility for their implementation. The Board, which meets at least 4 times per year, has discretion to make decisions in support of this work but is then accountable to the General Assembly for their decisions, and may be called on to explain them. The Board instructs the management team, which is answerable to the Board, in the actual implementation.

The members of each Section elect their Board Members. The General Assembly confirms the Board Members and, from the elected members, appoints the Board Chairman who becomes the Society's President. At the Section level, the members elect the Section Executive made up of the Section Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and two other members to run the affairs of the Section. For efficient internal supervision at the apex level, the General Assembly elects a Supervisory Committee from selected members. At the Section level, a Finance Committee is put in place to supervise expenses of the primary level.

The elected Section Executive Board and Supervisory Committee members have a 3-year mandate, renewable once. The Board of Directors hire or employ a Manager.

Organigram of MACEFCOOP Ltd showing all elements including

General Assembly

Board of Directors



Supervisory Committee

Board of Directors, MACEFCOOP, May 2004: Back row (left to right) - Schwartz (MD), Mr Otto Eteck Agbo (Delegate, Obang), Mr Tenyi Maurice Oben (Delegate, Kendem), Mr Tabi Mbi Benson (Delegate, Bachuo Ntai), Mr Aurua Albi Joseph (Delegate, Tinto / Mbang); Front row (l to r) - Mr Mfontem Samuel Kima (Delegate, Eyang, Nkockenock), Madame Martha Baiye (Board Member, Tinto Section), My Ayuk Eta James Talbot (MACEFCOOP President), Madame Eyong Cecilia Ako (Board Member, Bachuo Ntai), Mr Nfou Njock Charles (Delegate Nchemti and MACEFCOOP Vice-President).

Board Members in front of MACEFCOOP central office

Seminar with MACEFCOOP staff and board members


The Chairmen of Eyang, Ntai, and Mamfé / Akwaya [Mr James Enownchong] Sections at the MACEFCOOP Factory and Offices