The Board


Mr Enow Noah Chu, the President of MACEFCOOP from 2005

MACEFCOOP Vice-President

The 2005 newly-elected Vice-President of MACEFCOOP, Cecillia Ako

MACEFCOOP Board Member

Mr Tabi Mbi Benson, a MACEFCOOP Board Member

The HQ

The previous President of MACEFCOOP outside the main building

The General Manager / Managing Director


More members participate in meetings and no longer leave before the end
a chairman at MACEFCOOP

There is transparency at MACEFCOOP because we can discuss problems and fix prices ourselves, the storekeeper also inform us about prices
a member of Mamfé Akwaya

Formerly, meetings were not regular, now they are. There is also prompt payment of cocoa unlike before
Aribot Samuel, Mamfé Akwaya

Each Section elects a six member executive committee to manage its affairs including a three-member finance committee to control the expenses of the section executive committee.

Sections hold general meetings at predetermined dates each year. The meetings are chaired by the section chairperson or his/her assistant under the control and counseling of the Board member of the section. Also sections hold executive meetings as required. A summary of the record of the executive meeting is read to the members in the section general assembly meeting. A copy of adopted section meeting minutes is forwarded to the Board of Directors for information, administrative consideration and counseling.

The ultimate authority within the cooperative is the General Assembly, which convenes once each year. Representation in the General Assembly is by delegates who are appointed by each Section. The General Assembly elects from each Section a representative to the Board of Directors of MACEFCOOP and a thre-member supervisory committee to monitor the activities of the cooperative at all levels. A budgetary session is always held separately.

The Board meets quarterly as required by the articles of association and the number of sessions are approved by the General Assembly of members following the adopted budget. At the end of every Board meeting a summary of the major decisions are communicated to the sections by the Board member of the Section. This gives the members of the Board of the cooperative the opportunity to explain to members the reasons for their actions and decisions. Extraordinary Board meetings are called if the need arises.

The Supervisory Committee meets as required by the Law and the number of sessions as approved by the General Assembly of members. The findings of the Supervisory Committee are made known to the General Assembly of members for arbitration and ruling. The Section Finance Committee controls the financial records of the Sections twice each year according to an interval as adopted by the members. Their findings are made know to the members in their regular section meetings and a copy of their report is sent to the Supervisory Committee of the cooperative for information, counselling and administrative consideration.

Women participate actively at all levels of the society. Women are represented in all the organs of the society and in the Board and Section Committees.

Areas, which will eventually become Sections as membership increases, do not have an Executive or Finance Committee. The members are registered in the Society but are attached to the Section closest to their Area. The producers in the new Areas realise that MACEFCOOP will improve their situation and the Areas have been formed as the cooperative increases.

President and Society Development Officer

MACEFCOOP President Ayuk Eta James Tabot and Roseline Etchu

The Management Team

The Managing Director, Schwartz, with his daughter





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