Cassava grinders donated to women groups at MACEFCOOP

Transportation of cassava tubers from farm


Apart from cultivation of products to market as cash crops (particularly cocoa and coffee for the members of MACEFCOOP), the main agricultural activities are subsistence farming for maize, plantain, banana, yams, and cassava. Cultivation of these annual crops often extends for some distance from the villages with resultant forest clearing in the vicinity of settlements.

In addition, they grow other foods such as cocoyam, rice, melon, beans, and vegetables.

Further from the villages oil palms are cultivated. They also sell oranges, melon, water fufu, palm oil, and garri to urban areas and these traditionally represented the main sources of farmers' income.


Transport of plantains to market

Pig farming

Farmer with pig in the sty he has constructed

Many products grow very well on the farms in the jungle and on the large plantations in the south, including cassava, plantains, mangos, oranges, and bananas.

Oil Palms

Oil Palm seedlings in nursery

Members of the Nchemti women group, involved in palm oil production