A city of more than 1.5 million people, on the Wuori River estuary, Douala (04°03.5' N 9°41.8 E) is the largest city in Cameroon and the major port, with substantial container facilities. As a commercial and transportation centre, Douala handles most Cameroon exports, which are principally cocoa and coffee, as well as transit trade from Chad. Douala is also the major point of entry for imports to Cameroon and to the entire Central African region, including the Central African Republic, Chad, and Equatorial Guinea. Douala Port handles about 95 percent of Cameroon's maritime traffic and more than 90 percent of the country's external trade.

Road between Mamfé and Douala (in the dry season!)

Wuori River estuary shoreline, Douala

MACEFCOOP coffee and cocoa is exported via the SDV (Scac Delmas Vieljeux), transportation and freight handling facility in Douala port which is located 24km from the mouth of the River Wouri. Ships access the port through a 50 km long channel.

The 1 km-long Wouri road and rail bridge in Douala carries nearly half of Cameroon's exports of cocoa, coffee, timber, rubber and bananas to ships waiting at the quayside on the south bank of the river.

Heavy rains in July and August often cause flooding in Douala, the chief commercial center and largest city in Cameroon. To see an illustration of this click here

Road between Mamfé and Douala