Export issues

Though MACEFCOOP has limited competition from other buyers for coffee, through its efficiencies, cutting out the middle men and offering prices that can be higher as a result of the Fairtrade conditions, there are other significant buyers for cocoa and so MACEFCOOP has to be prepared to compete where necessary.

Government-assisted expansion of the cocoa sector, though a stated aim, has been very limited in practice.

MACEFCOOP supplied high quality cocoa beans for Cafédirect's (UK) Cocodirect drinking chocolate in 2003/4 but this was part of an experiment to find the best blend for instant cocoa in vending machines and the future situation has not been finalised.

MACEFCOOP Ltd sells produce locally to traders such as GIC Proba (CONTINAF) or UTRAC. More importantly, it also exports coffee and cocoa to the following Fairtrade customers:

GEPA (Alternative trade organisation in Germany)

Daarnhouwer & Co BV in Holland (cocoa): This long established Dutch commodity trading company has been involved with Fairtrade cocoa since 1991. It currently handles between 70 and 80% of all Fairtrade cocoa imported to Western Europe. Although now part of a multinational company, Daarnhouwer has maintained its flexible and compact structure, together with the reputation for dealing in speciality cocoa, coffee, tree nuts and dried fruit.

MACEFCOOP is examining the potential to supply other potential cocoa buyers, including USA chocolate makers, and is actively marketing its products.