From the training on cooperative law, members understand now that they have to be patient before they can get paid; before they used to agitate and claim their money immediately. The training on Human Resources Management has helped me to be more patient in my role as chairlady but also with my children at home
The Chairlady of Kemden society

I receive good payment from MACEFCOOP; the cooperative does not owe me anything
a member of Kemden section

Provided that prospective members meet the other eligibility criteria, MACEFCOOP membership is obtained by payment of a non-refundable registration fee of 1100 FCFA (about $US1.70), plus payment of a refundable share capital of 25,000 FCFA (about $41.7). Membership is renewed annually by paying a fee of 1,000 FCFA (about $US1.50)

MACEFCOOP prefinance for Sections

The board and management are responsible for seeking a loan each year at variable interest rate per annum. This money will serve as prefinance to the Regions especially for the cocoa campaign. The Sections will use this money as prefinance, subject to the interest rate that has been incurred by MACEFCOOP.

One of the main obstacles to progress for Cameroon's smallholder farmers lies in access to credit: interest rates and collateral requirements are simply too high for the majority. Encouraging micro-credit enterprises for processing and marketing of produce, and offering support to local savings and credit groups, would provide opportunities for income generation and use of labour-saving technologies.
Source: the New Agriculturist on-line

Fairtrade prefinancing for MACEFCOOP

Under their contracts with FLO, importers extend 60% of the FOB value of fair-trade cocoa purchases as credit to the exporter. This is a valuable credit facility for MACEFCOOP as it gradually builds up its margins.

Freight, insurance, handling, insurance and warehousing are the responsibility of the cocoa trading houses.