The Geography of the MACEFCOOP Area

The MACEFCOOP area lies in the northern part of the Cameroon's South-Western Province, the closest province to the Nigerian border in the south of the country. This is an area of humid forest, around 6° north of the equator.

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Terrain and climate



Douala - the export port for MACEFCOOP's produce.

The land use and harvest seasons reflect the temperature differences caused by altitude as height increases from the west to the east of the area.

Relief map of the area:

MACEFCOOP area relief
The 200m, 500m, 1000m and 2000m contours show how the MACEFCOOP area slopes and drains from the volcanic hills of the east, to the lower areas adjacent to the border with Nigeria, drained by tributaries of the Cross River, westwards.

Administrative structure of CAMEROON
Place Population Area Capital Designation
CAMEROON 16,869,000 495,090 km Yaounde Republic of CAMEROON
South-West Cameroon 1,204,000 31,160 km Buea Province of SOUTH-WEST
Manyu 153,000 10,180 km Mamf Department of MANYU