Producers' self-reliance and control over production and marketing processes is needed to attain a just structure of production and marketing. This can be achieved only by allocating control over agricultural resources to locally democratically organized organisations whose members not only control the land they cultivate but also participate in the marketing process. Production and marketing as seen by MACEFCOOP must accord with social justice, economic autonomy and environmental protection.

To ensure its effectiveness as an organisation working for the benefit of its members, MACEFCOOP has adopted an agenda of good, practical, governance including:

Well-designed, stable and effective organisational structures;

Capable teams, effective rules and accountability;

The separation and limitation of powers ensuring that there are appropriate checks and balances;

Fair and reliable democratic, consensus-building and dispute-resolution processes;

Effective financial management, training and support, with assured standards of administration at all levels;

A development strategy that takes forward the interests of the entire organisation and its community;

Decentralisation wherever possible in keeping with overall organisational effectiveness and well-regulated local standards;

Ensuring that the structures and activities are in keeping with the culture and long-term goals of its members