Cameroon lies just north of the Equator at the apex of the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa:

Cameroon within Africa

Cameroon is an almost triangular-shaped country with a base along the 2° line of latitude and a northern apex at Lake Chad, at more than 13° North.

Cameroon has a surface area of 475,000 square kilometres, about 25% larger than Japan. Its 400 km coastline opens on to the Gulf of Guinea, the major 'bight' of West Africa. Nigeria is to the west, Chad to the north and the Central African Republic to the east. To the south are Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

Cameroon Provinces
The 10 Provinces of Cameroon showing Manyu (M) and Lebialem (L) Divisions within the South-west (SW) Province. The North-west Province (NW) is the other anglophone (a) province.

flag of Cameroon

location within West Africa
West Africa and Cameroon showing Mamfé, the hub of the MACEFCOOP area, and Douala, the port of export, about 350 miles from Douala and a daunting journey in the wet season on almost entirely unsurfaced roads.

The South-west Province and its Divisions: Manyu and Lebialem (part of the original, larger Manyu Division) are home for the farmers of MACEFCOOP.

Mamfé is 413 feet above sea level and is located at 5° 43' N , 9° 16 'E, about 60 km from the Nigerian border. It stands on the Badi River (Manyu/Cross Rivers).The factory / mill and main offices of MACEFCOOP are located in Mamfé.

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