Quality cocoa and coffee, grown and marketed in accordance with Fairtrade standards.

MACEFCOOP is a cocoa and organic coffee farmers' cooperative organisation centred on Mamfé, in Southwest Cameroon, about 60kms from the Nigerian border and 350 km from Douala.

Owned by its cocoa and coffee producer members, MACEFCOOP is a democratic organisation, operating in accordance with Fairtrade standards, and cooperatively providing the means to processes farmers' coffee and cocoa for export and local sale. Exports account for about 70% of produce submitted to MACEFCOOP.

MACEFCOOP has been involved in the local sale of produce since its creation and in the export marketing of cocoa and robusta coffee since 1993. Export of cocoa and robusta coffee is principally to Fairtrade buyers in Europe and the UK since the 1993/94 crop season. Local sales are made to buyers who offer the best price, taking into account the influence of the Fairtrade market. Local buyers collect the produce from the central warehouse or from the 7 Section stores.

MACEFCOOP Ltd is the marketing arm of MACEFCOOP.

MACEFCOOP is governed by its members and it works to further their interests. Democracy is core to the way it operates and this is entirely in keeping with the principles advocated and required by the Fairtrade charter...

MACEFCOOP democracy in action

The MACEFCOOP family consists of:

MACEFCOOP members and their families involved in agriculture.

the Fairtrade consumers in European countries.

the shippers, importers, roasters and processors, wholesalers and retailers of MACEFCOOP coffee and cocoa beans.

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MACEFCOOP is better than before because:
  • sections are more autonomous
  • Regional Offices have been created
  • evacuation is easier with the truck
  • there is a better Manager and Management
  • members are trained
  • adult literacy is improving
  • and because MACEFCOOP does a lot for the community.