There are almost 1,000 registered members of MACEFCOOP. Around 500 of these are shareholding members. The farms and villages of MACEFCOOP cover a large geographical area of Manyu Division, the most northerly division of the South-west Province of Cameroon, plus the Wabane Sub-Division of Lebialem Division to the east. Lebialem Division or Department split from Manyu in 1998 as part of an administrative reorganisation.

Management policy is to increase the number of shareholders to increase the share capital and strengthen the financial base of the company.

The farmers belong to Sections, made up of 5 to 10 villages each. MACEFCOOP covers around 100 villages in total.

Primary Societies

To be eligible for membership, farmers must possess a productive cocoa or coffee farm, or both, within the area of activity of the society. MACEFCOOP membership is then obtained by payment of a non-refundable registration fee of 1100 FCFA (about $US1.7) and boosted by the payment of a refundable share capital of 25,000 FCFA (about $41.7). Members also have to renew their membership by paying an annual fee.

Presently, 90% of members are those who have paid the registration and share capital.

Good prices and training encourage us to increase the size of our farms
Mrs Ayuki Maroy, member of MACEFCOOP

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I joined MACEFCOOP because of the services they give to members; they have adult literacy, training, Finance Committees, and the coffee price is better than LBAsí prices
a new member at Akwaya society