Management Team

The management team consists of the Board President, an elected Board member and the Managing Director.


Ayuketa James Tabot, the previous President of MACEFCOOP

I learnt that the cooperative is not an inactive ‘body of people’ but people themselves. The cooperative is what we make it to be.
Mr Talbot, former President of MACEFCOOP

With decentralisation, less and less members come to the office to borrow pre-finance; they can now refer to their section
Schwarz, Managing Director of MACEFCOOP

Managing Director

The Managing Director / General Manager of MACEFCOOP, Schwartz Agbor

New President for MACEFCOOP - Mr Enow Noah Chu

Mr Enow Noah Chu, the recently elected President of MACEFCOOP is a member of Mbang Section and was Section Chairman from 1994 until 2000. He was elected to the MACEFCOOP Board in 1998 but lost his position during the vote of no-confidence in 2000 when the Board was replaced. He was re-elected to the Board in 2004 and was elected president.

He was born in 1956 and after completing primary school, when his father died, he worked on the farm with his mother, he did not therefore have the opportunity to attend secondary school. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Noah remained in the village to work on the farm that he had inherited.

The original farm was planted with cocoa but Noah introduced other crops and the farm, which is just over one hectare in area, now has coffee, mangos and oil palm. He also has another area, planted in 1997/98 with cocoa under bush mango shade.

He was one of the earliest members of MACEFCOOP and one of the first shareholders; when he joined Mbang section there were just 7 members; there are now almost 50.

He is well aware of the benefits of being a member of MACEFCOOP and lists the advantages; none of the other Local Buying Agencies (LBA’s) provide training for farmers whereas MACEFCOOP has provided training in farm management, crop production and leadership training for Section Executives.

He says, “Some LBA’s may provide inputs, such as chemicals for the control of Black Pod disease on cocoa but the prices are very high; MACEFCOOP provides chemicals to members at cost price.

Also LBA’s may offer a higher price than the cooperative first payment, but the coop always makes a second payment and the two together are usually higher than the LBA’s. MACEFCOOP also pays a dividend to shareholders”.

The President has been married twice and has had a total of 14 children but two have died. Although he will remain a farmer, Noah has an ambition to open a provision store in his village, where he is also an Elder in the Presbyterian Church.

During his Presidency he wants MACEFCOOP to expand, increasing the membership of existing Sections and forming new Sections. He also wants to improve the financial base of the cooperative by increasing the share capital.

Mr Enow Noah Chu, the President of MACEFCOOP from 2005