The main goal of MACEFCOOP is to improve the livelihood and the standard of living of its members. In particular, it strives to increase the incomes of its members to a level that is both fair and properly reflects members' endeavours.


To increase the production and quality of products.

To market products to the best interest of the producers.

To encourage the diversification of income generating activities.

To strengthen the MACEFCOOP Ltd organisation.


Democracy and social justice are core principles underlying MACEFCOOP's Mission:

Producers' self-reliance and control over production and marketing processes is needed to attain a just structure of production and marketing. This can be achieved only by allocating control over agricultural resources to locally democratically organized organisations whose members not only control the land they cultivate but also participate in the marketing process. Production and marketing as seen by MACEFCOOP must accord with social justice, economic autonomy and environmental protection.


When the organisation is well structured, both production and people will benefit.

Mr Ebai Emmanual Mundi is about 35 years old, and a bachelor. He has been blind since 1988 but cares for 5 children of his late brother. He has a cocoa farm of 2ha, which he inherited from his father, and joined MACEFCOOP in 2003 because of the higher prices paid and good benefits gained as a result of the bonus and dividends.
He has a two party business arrangement with a friend because of his disability. His friend works on the farm while he is responsible for the drying (done by touch). His junior brother helps him with accounts. At the end of the season, any income from produce is shared equally between himself and his friend.