Collaboration with other organisations

The quest for more coordinated and effective work has made MACEFCOOP Ltd to continue to identify and collaborate with other institutions whose areas of specialisation are similar to that of the cooperative. Some of the international organisations collaborating with the society include:

Snowball Germany (fixed capital investment and technology transfer). Click for contact details

Mr Wilhelm Neef
Tel / fax 00(49)2732 28887; Email
This voluntary, educational organisation works to support the work of MACEFCOOP and has provided significant material assistance.
Also: Snowball Germany, Hans-Jurgen Zimmerman;
Fax: 00870 76161 9621 / 00873 76161 9621 or Email.

Naturland Germany (organic certification and training);

IMO Switzerland (organic inspection and control);

FLO International (Contracts and technology transfer);

Twin UK (Training and technology transfer and exchange visits etc)

RECOCARNO (exchange of information and skills)

MACEFCOOP Ltd also collaborates with some national institutions including:

SDV Douala (coffee sorting and transit partner);

GNCC Douala (export declaration

GEX Douala

CCIB (Farmers training and technology transfer etc)

INADES (farmers training)

Big Lottery Fund (previously Community Fund)