MACEFCOOP is very well positioned to build on its successes for the benefits of its customers and members alike.

I learnt that the cooperative is not an inactive ‘body of people’ but people themselves. The cooperative is what we make it to be.
Mr Talbot, former President of MACEFCOOP

Through this website, MACEFCOOP welcomes the opportunity to provide the wider world with information about its products, its methods, its people and its environment.

MACEFCOOP has the experience, structures and people to offer products of choice for consumers. It is very well placed to meet the opportunities. Business development and wider infrastructure improvements will enable MACEFCOOP to reach its full potential for the benefit of all.

STRENGTHS : MACEFCOOP has the experience, people, structures and active democracy for continued growth, enabling it to build on its successes. Click to see more.

OPPORTUNITIES : MACEFCOOP has a good record of initiatives and continues to seek and grasp the oportunities available for development to benefit its farmers and their communities. Click to see more.

CHALLENGES : There is a growing awareness of the difficulties faced by farmers in poorer countries. In the course of fulfilling its contracts, bringing a very modest standard of living to its members and their families, MACEFCOOP business is conducted against a background of substantial challenges. Click to see more.

If you would like to contact MACEFCOOP as a potential customer for its cocoa or coffee, or with other proposals that could be of benefit to MACEFCOOP, please click here.