The cooperative sets standards on the recommendations of the specialist staff. Throughout the chain there is a quality control system. The farmer knows what the requirements are in his cultivation, harvesting and drying of coffee cherries. The coffee is collected by the section and transported to the warehouse in Mamfé by the cooperative. When the coffee is hulled at the factory this reveals the quality according to the defects and the coffee is graded and the weight ascertained accordingly.

Quality Arbitration Committee Member, Mamfé / Akwaya Section Mr Ntoi Daniel

The quality standards that must be met are set out and overseen by the quality staff.

Receipts for the graded coffee are then issued to each farmer by the factory via his section based on the quality of his product. The farmer is then paid by the section accordingly.

For cocoa, the quality is ascertained at the section level in accordance with the quality guidelines and the farmer is paid accordingly.

I learnt from the workshop on Human Resource Management, that we have got the power, we should be the one in control; if we give best quality, we should have best prices
a member of Akwaya society

The Operations Manager has visited Kagera Co-operative Union (KCU), a Tanzanian supplier of coffee to Twin (UK),

The Operations Manager, Egbe Linus Tabe, with a split cocoa pod