Mr Tanyi and other members of Kemden section

I receive good payment from MACEFCOOP; the cooperative does not owe me anything
a member of Kemden section

I would not join MACEFCOOP if I did not see any good changes. Now, I am ready to give my produce and get bonuses
a member of Kemden society

From the training on cooperative law, members understand now that they have to be patient before they can get paid; before they used to agitate and claim their money immediately. The training on Human Resources Management has helped me to be more patient in my role as chairlady but also with my children at home
The Chairlady of Kemden society

I am now able to read what I could not read before
Nkoua Judith, member of Kemden society

I used to live in a thatch house, now I have a new roof in zinc
Agbor Helene, Kemden society

I got interested in MACEFCOOP thanks to my friend, who told me that the cooperative brings development and you can get training on cocoa quality
Ms Enon Evelyne, member of Kemden society

My husband died when the children were very young. The first born could not go to school because I had no money.
My friend, the Chairlady of Kemden section, introduced me to MACEFCOOP
Now, with the good prices paid by MACEFCOOP for my cocoa, I have been able to send my second and third children to school. They have now completed secondary school.

Ma Agbor Regina Timbui, Kemden Section