village in Mamfé / Akwaya Section Section

Mamfé Akwaya Section store at Nchang

There is transparency at MACEFCOOP because we can discuss problems and fix prices ourselves, the storekeeper also inform us about prices
a member of Mamfé Akwaya

The storekeeper, Mamfé / Akwaya Section

Chairman: Mamfé / Akwaya Section, Mr James Enownchong

Member from Mamfé / Akwaya Section

village in Mamfé / Akwaya Section

New members enrolling in Mamfé / Akwaya Section

View of Mamfé

Shopkeeper Mrs Rose Sigala, Hawosa Quarter, Mamfé

The complete reorganisation of MACEFCOOP is better and management is more competent. We also see more the assistance from foreign partners
Mr Agbo Simon, Mamfé Akwaya


With better prices, I am more motivated to extend my farms and get more produce and money
Mr Barnabas, Mamfé Akwaya

village in Mamfé / Akwaya Section

Children in Mamfé Town Government Primary School (GPS), at desks donated by MACEFCOOP using the Fairtrade Premium

Staff of GPS with brooms made by children

GPS Mamfé children

We come to meetings to get the correct information and learn about what is happening
a member of Mamfé Akwaya

Quality Arbitration Committee Member, Mamfé / Akwaya Section Mr Ntoi Daniel